End the Battle Between You and Your Child by Using Reward Charts! 

Yes... By using powerful, targeted, interactive, and creative Reward Charts you really can make a real and positive change to your child's behavior!

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Hi. I’m Blaine and I know … I really do …

Parenting can be difficult … It’s a simple truth that we all know (even if sometimes we don’t want to admit it).

Those of us who have fantastically well-behaved kids can relate to this, and those parents who face the extra burden of hyper-active, defiant, or destructive kids can relate even more.

In my experience (yes, I’m a Dad of 3), and from my countless conversations with friends, relatives, teachers, customers, acquaintances, and child-care professionals, parenting will ALWAYS give us challenges, difficulties, and burdens…no matter the child…and no matter the parent. It’s just the way it is!

Children will constantly push the boundaries we set, check themselves, then push some more…it’s a normal way for a child to firstly find those limits, and secondly to assert their place in the World…and remember this is all a normal development of their independence.

But how do we allow our kids to experience and develop these first steps toward independence, but still keep a control on their behavior?

…I’m not saying anything that any parent won’t already know, but this can be a constant battle. And there always seems to be bad behavioral patterns bubbling away at the surface, constantly waiting to break through…

Things like...

bad behavior
  • Bad Behavior
  • Rudeness
  • Impulsiveness
  • Willfullness
  • Disrespect
  • Aggression

(…let’s not draw this list out too far... We parents know how quickly this page would fill up!)

... So how do we discipline our kids?

Now I know there are many parents who advocate spanking and other such punishments to curb these unwanted behaviors, and I am in no way going to pass judgment on, or scorn these parents for their choice of discipline…But personally, I choose NOT to discipline my children in this way. The arguments for and against are endless, and I won’t add to it here, other than to say “it’s not for me”. 

And on that point, I’ve spoken to heaps and heaps of parents that tell me they’re sick and tired of either spanking their kids or constantly yelling at them. They’ve become demoralized with battling with their kids in this way, and worse still they see how it’s becoming demoralizing for their kids. In fact I’ve had more than one parent tell me they’re afraid that they have broken their child’s spirit. Now I happen to believe that most balanced kids are pretty resilient and they bounce back from most things, but the thought of it can be heartbreaking for a parent.

What else can we do?

Utilize the art of Positive Reinforcement!

Right now I’m imagining a chorus of voices saying “Great!…Now what does that mean?!”

At it’s most pure, positive reinforcement is simply attaching a positive feeling or outcome to a desired action or behavior.

…so if your kids behave in a way that you want them to, you reward them in some way, thus creating a positive attachment to that behavior.

Why Reward Charts are a Fantastic Behavior Change Tool...

Reward Charts are a great and proven way to positively reinforce good behavior... Actually here's how psychology.about.com explains it,

"...positive reinforcement involves anything that follows a behavior that makes it more likely that the behavior will occur again in the future. When a favorable outcome, event or reward occurs after an action, that particular response or behavior will be strengthened."

The positive consequences inherently attached to using a reward chart makes it a perfect tool for positive reinforcement. In fact using reward charts can help to:

  • encourage new behaviors or habits
  • change or shape behavior
  • stop bad or inappropriate behavior
  • improve existing behaviors
  • change habits
  • introduce healthy habits
  • set goals
  • etc, etc.

And what are the types of behaviors that deserve rewarding?

  • Showing kindness toward others.
  • Sharing their toys.
  • Resolving an argument without using their fists.
  • Listening! (this is one I can particularly relate to)
  • Using their manners.
  • Doing their chores.
  • Making healthy eating choices.
  • Cooperating with their peers.

(and this list here really could go on forever)

OK, down to the nitty-gritty of what I'm offering you

I have series of 28 fantastic, professional quality, reward chart packages that I sell online as a fully inclusive physical product, which has blessed me with hundreds of loyal and satisfied customers. However, as my customers come from all parts of the World, the logistics of packaging and delivery has become overbearing. For this reason I will soon be moving these products into a more “traditional” retail environment, and away from my online shop. 

So what I am offering on this page as a true “online” product, are these 28 reward charts in editable PDF format, for immediate download (along with a very special bonus!)

These Fantastic Reward Charts

reward chart downloads
  • Professionally created and designed using the input of a child health-care specialist, a parent focus group, and the design skills of a graphic artist.
  • Richly colored and realized, to capture the imagination of your child. 
  • Versatile to use for any occasion.
  • Suitable for a variety of age groups.
  • Various themes to cater for both girls and boys.

There are plenty of free reward charts out there…
Why yours?

Great question…If you put one of my charts up against a generic free download that you see about the net, the difference in design quality would be obvious. But to be more specific…

at play reward chart

Professionally designed.

jungle reward chart

Vibrantly colored.

treasure reward chart


dogs reward chart

Specifically designed to gain the most traction with your child.

rabbits reward chart

Encourages your child to be a part of "setting up" the reward chart.

halloween reward chart

Most importantly, offers the ability to set milestone moments on the chart.

Just to further explain this last point, my reward charts have milestone moments as a part of their design. More specifically, when your child earns 5 stickers they are entitled to a smaller reward, then after another 5 stickers, another smaller reward. Then there is a longer “stretch” to complete the chart and reach the final reward. This design has consistently proved to be extremely effective in keeping children interested in the chart, along with the goals of the chart.

What are the reward chart designs?

Pirate, Dinosaur (x2), Space Aliens, Treasure Map, Fairytale, Beach, Fishing, Airplane/Airport, Playing with Friends, Fairy, Cats & Dogs, Garden, Aquarium, Farmyard, Bunny-Rabbit, Healthy Eating & Play, Bedtime for Boy, Bedtime for Girl, Christmas, Easter (x3), Singing, Dancing, Jungle, and Halloween…. In fact our reward charts are designed with reference to a variety of popular childhood themes, making the chart themes easily identifiable to just about any kid. Now included, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween Reward Charts!

What's included in the reward chart package?

  • 28 individual reward chart designs in editable PDF format... AND all future reward chart designs and additions!
  • a VERY comprehensive guide about effectively using reward charts, and also providing many fantastic tips and strategies relating to behavior change in general.
  • "I Did It!" certificate for completing the charts.
  • A sheet of "sticker" shapes that can be printed, cut-out, and used on the reward charts.

Token economy bonus!

*** As a bonus, I will include:

token economy
  • 3 Behavior Contracts (“expected behaviors”, “unacceptable behaviors”, “rewards on offer”)
  • 3 sheets of “cash coin” designs.
  • 3 sheets of “cash note” designs.
  • 3 sheets of “treasure coin” designs.
  • 3 sheets of “treasure note” designs.
  • 3 sheets of “smiley face coin” designs.
  • 3 sheets of “smiley face note” designs.

Make no mistake... This is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL positive discipline system!

*** More Bonuses ***

hand shadows bonus

Hand Shadow Illusions

Ever wanted to entertain your kids by doing hand shadow figures and didn’t know how? Check out this classic collection of hand shadow techniques including Grandpa, boy, pig, elephant, bunny, deer, fright, camel, and many more… Entertain your kids, or better yet let them spend hours perfecting the art of making hand shadows themselves!
(**see the original sales page here**)

Kids Birthday Parties

Discover the secrets to the best kids birthday party ever! Chapters include “Must Know Birthday Party Secret Tips”, “Birthday Party Checklist”, “Perfect Birthday Party Invitations”, “Choosing The Perfect Birthday Party Theme”, “Perfect Party Games and Activities”, “Perfect Birthday Party Food”, and “Perfect Birthday Party Favors”
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Kids Fun Recipes

120 fun and delicious recipes… Do you want to spend more time with your kids? Then let them join you in the kitchen, creating fun foods that they will love. This is a collection of simple and easy to follow recipes that kids of all ages will enjoy. Some of the quick recipes you will find include “Dirt Cups”, “Cat’s Eyes”, “Clown Faces”, “Eyeballs on Ritz”, Octopus dogs”, “Potato Pups”, “Pizza on Rye”, “Apple Pancakes”, and “Teddy Bear Carousel”
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Using the Reward Charts

Reward charts don't have to be uninspiring, or unorganised, unstructured, or even "un-fun." When faced with reward charts that don't visually excite your children then the chance of them working the way you want them to is lessened. Your kids need to be motivated in order for them to want to be involved in using the charts.

We've designed our reward charts to be colorful, inviting, flexible, and fun! But more than that they are designed in a way that will keep your kids motivated as they move through the "milestone moments" toward their ultimate "reward."

  1.  One purchase gets you ALL current reward charts (28) as well as ALL future reward charts.
  2.  These reward charts are professionally designed, versatile, flexible, designed for a variety of ages, and cover a variety of different themes.
  3. The reward charts have been structured to give your kids the best chance of successfully completing them.
reward chart downloads

Here's what our customers are saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“... fab charts. Both of us are having fun using them!”

"Thank you for the reward chart download. They look great, now to get down to work."

"Wow. Introducing these charts was easier than I thought."

"Love the designs... More please :-)"

"I think all the reward charts look good, but my boy is going nuts over the Dinosaur charts."

"RewardingKids" Reward Chart Package 

The "RewardingKids" Reward Chart package gives you a creative, colorful, interactive, and powerful set of charts to help with positive behavior change. And remember, when you buy today you get all 28 current chart designs, AND ALL FUTURE chart designs. Also included when you purchase today is a comprehensive guide, "I Did It!" certificates of completion, and a sheet of downloadable "sticker" shapes. As a bonus you will also receive a downloadable "token economy system" including 3 behavior contracts, 18 sheets of ready-to-print tokens and notes, AND the further eBook bonus of "Hand Shadow Illusions", "Kids Birthday Parties", and "Kids Fun Recipes." 

reward charts purchase

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


What else is great about using reward charts...

Great for Me!

  • I can concentrate on the positive things about my child's behavior.
  • I find the need for yelling and nagging is much less.
  • My interactions with my child are much happier.
  • I get to maintain a healthy control over the whole process.
  • It helps to break the negative cycle that myself and my child can fall into.
  • Allows me a strategy where I can help my child take on-board better behavior or to introduce new behaviors/habits.
  • I have the satisfaction of watching my child work toward positive goals.
  • It gives me the chance to heap praise on my child in a meaningful way.
  • I have the flexibility to adapt this strategy to suit almost any occasion.

Great for My Child!

  • Helps me to focus on improving my behavior.
  • I'm much happier in my interaction with my parent and others.
  • Teaches me the importance of delayed gratification.
  • Teaches me the importance of working toward a goal.
  • I can demonstrate my growing need for independence because it's my choice to behave in a way that will get me closer to my reward.
  • I have the opportunity to learn that there are "rewards" within myself that I didn't know about - "intrinsic motivations" that will hold me in good stead throughout my life.
  • It helps me to feel proud of myself when I complete the reward chart and acheive my reward.
reward chart downloads

To  sum up, here's what you're getting when you purchase today...

  • 28 fantastic reward chart designs, editable and print ready AND all future chart designs.
  • "I Did It!" certificates to be used when completing the charts.
  • Comprehensive user guide including tips and strategies.
  • A sheet of "sticker" shapes, ready-to-print, cut out and used on the charts.
  • Token Economy Bonus, including behavior contracts, and "coins and notes" designs.
  • "Hand Shadow Illusions", "Kids Birthday Parties", and "Kids Fun Recipes" eBooks.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the reward charts for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just get in touch with me here, and I'll send you a refund. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me!

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So…there it is. A very nicely rounded series of positive reinforcement downloads, ready for immediate use.

My very great thanks for reading through this rather long offer page (I think I lost track of time and got carried away!)

Kindest Regards

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